The Iraq War Was Appropriate

Friday, July 08, 2005

Absence... fonder?

I feel inclined to explain my lengthy absence. Not to belabor the long, sad story, but it transpired that my former would-be agent became aware of this electronic journal and expressed to me, in no uncertain terms, his discontent with the fact that I had published excerpts from The Realignment Crescendo without his blessing (which he, in his infinite arrogance, apparently deemed essential in all things). I retorted with the obvious observation that my artistic creations are mine own, and suchlike, and in return the sort of parry ensued that one might expect from the emasculated male of today's America: letters from lawyers, legal threats, &c. During the interim, my esteemed legal representation advised me to refrain from publishing writings to this outlet, and so I did, for at this point the potential risk to my economic well-being outweighed any other considerations one might imagine to have been operative.

To summarize on a somewhat pleasant note, the matter is now (mostly) settled and the association with the agent dissolved. He can retreat back into his world of cocktail parties and homosexuals, I am chastened to be more discerning in my selection of business associates, and so I suppose we are each the better off for the ordeal. Naturally, this will force a delay in the publication of The Realignment Crescendo, but no matter. In the meantime, I have been advised that contributing entries to this electronic journal entails little further risk, and so perhaps I shall.

In our present world circumstance it appears to be more crucial than ever to emphasize and explain that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was a truly appropriate course of action for the U.S. and its Anglo-Saxon allies to have engaged in.