The Iraq War Was Appropriate

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My Prolonged Absence

Readers will have noticed my prolonged absence from this electronic journal. As neither explanation nor apology is warranted, none shall be offered. But frankly you should know that by now, and I am aghast that this paragraph was even necessary.

Events have, as they always do, proceeded apace. In the coming weeks and months and years, as these events play themselves out, it will become more and more clear that the invasion of Iraq initiated by President Bush in the spring of 2003 was the entirely appropriate course of action. As is being and shall be chronicled here in this space.

If war is a drama writ large - for what is war, if not a drama, whose scenario is scrawled in blood? - then we are still in one of the early acts. And you, my clamoring little readers, are the groundlings, whistling like banshees, picking scraps off the floor, and making a ruckus. It has always been thus.

The job of the dramatist - and what is someone like Rummy, if not a master dramatist? - is to know when to play to the groundlings' emotions... and when to ignore them as so much ignorant prattle. With the election in Iraq coming up later this month, now is such a time. And that is all the explanation you should need for all your momentary fleeting concerns, frankly, whatever they may be. And I can only imagine.

What the chattering classes so comically fail to understand is that the elections are not about choosing class president or most popular or whatever they recall from their grammar schooling, but are simply another tool in our arsenal. After all, what is an election, anyway, if not a continuance of war? But war done subtly, slyly, surgically and with anesthetics, on a patient only half conscious. For if war is the consummation then elections are the seduction, the sidelong glance, the erotic dance fraught with undertones and overtones. The smell of a rose, the pop of a cork.

Not that I expect most of you to understand any of this. Just take my word for it.


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