The Iraq War Was Appropriate

Sunday, January 23, 2005


I don't mind admitting that the feedback I have received about my novel excerpts has been extremely encouraging. If the level of interest represented by some of your electronic letters is any indication, then my agent - and his pessimistic, cynical attitude regarding the prospects for publication of The Realignment Crescendo - surely shall be eating crow. I confess, there were times when I was taken in by this man's supposed expert judgment, but reality (in the form of your encouraging notes) trumps theory and "expertise" every time. Thank God for that.

One thing that has caused no small amount of surprise to me: If your electronic letters are any indication, there is an as-yet-untapped reservoir of interest in some of the side characters of The Realignment Crescendo, that I had not foreseen. Rest assured that your interest shall not go unheeded. Although the novel is and must always remain primarily the story, background, evolution, influences, and heroism of its main character (and, my alter ego) P. Wallach Hedge - for, I don't mind saying, this was the very raison d'etre of the book's genesis - I concede it may indeed be advisable to add a few scenes here and there to flesh out some of the (as of now relatively minor) side characters such as Lorii Chambers, Zabe, and Tamika, each of whom seems to have piqued the interest of no small number of readers. I shall attempt to satisfy this demand; let it not be said that I am unheeding of my potential audience's concerns. Indeed, I now see how expanding upon some of these characters' roles (slightly) can help flesh out and contextualize the life and travails of P. Wallach Hedge.

Oh, one side note: I was a bit taken aback by the sheer amount, and - in some cases - bizarre nature of speculation regarding the side characters and who they may represent in real life. Is President Rex Magnusson really Ronald Reagan? Who is Gauchinsky? &c. Now, don't get me wrong, this is indeed a semi-autobiographical novel and so quite a few characters are actually thinly-disguised real people. All I want to say here is don't take every single character too literally: in a few cases, they are but composites. So, keep that in mind.


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